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Haunting Places

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Have you ever experienced an encounter with the paranormal?
Have you ever visited or lived in a place that was haunted by a ghost?
Have you ever seen or felt the presence of a recently deceased relative or close friend?
Many of us have had paranormal events like these occur in our lives. Currently there are no concrete scientific answers to these questions. However, as technology improves, so do our chances of proving the existence of the paranormal. Are we now able to finally shed a light on the unexplained? Norfolk PRISM thinks so.

Our Mission

Norfolk PRISM's (Paranormal Research & Investigative Studies Midwest) goal is to record and capture as much evidence as possible to help prove the existence of the paranormal. We also come to the aid of those who need help with a paranormal situation occurring in their home or place of business.

Our paranormal investigations are always conducted free of charge. Upon request, our investigations will be treated with total confidentiality. Evidence and information collected during our private investigations is not publicly released without the consent of those involved.

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